auction management

benefits of

Easy To Use

  • Logical workflow assists users to quickly complete tasks
  • Staff can learn only modules they use
  • Increases productivity while reducing learning curve
  • Management can maximize skill set of talented staff members

Complete Inventory Management

  • Reduces Inventory holding costs
  • Post only in stock, deliverable items
  • Eliminates fees and ill will resulting from out of stock items sold
  • Determine profitability of individual items
  • Post and sell only profitable items

Individual Consignment Module

  • Used by drop off stores, Trading Assistants or liquidators selling on consignment
  • Prepares settlement reports and checks
  • Track individual consignor or item statistics
  • Track individual or multiple items for consignors
  • Properly account for sale of consigned items
  • Calculate and record consignor payable amounts
  • Complete transaction history by consignor or by item

Innovative Checkout System

  • Reduces customer questions regarding status of purchased product
  • Easy to use system is comforting and pleasant for customers
  • Professional design enhances your customers shopping experience
  • Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers

Powerful Reports

  • Reports include financial and internal management reports
  • Drill down features enable you to analyze performance of important areas
  • Data can be exported to spreadsheets for custom analyses
  • Provides auction related revenue and expense data that is difficult to determine efficiently and accurately using accounting software packages
  • Reports assist you in managing and growing your business not simply in filling out tax forms
  • Consignment module prepares settlement reports, checks, and identifies payment status for individual items

Modular Design

  • Promotes efficient workflow
  • Increases ┬ádata security
  • Assign employees to specific tasks
  • Allows management to set consistent pricing and marketing strategies
  • Centralized account receivable management
  • Increased control of shipping costs
  • Separate module for consignment stores


  • Web based design
  • Completely scalable
  • Interfaces with accounting & shipping software
  • Eliminates need for other auction support software packages

Complete Image Management

  • Photographs from multiple sources stored in one hosted folder
  • Ends confusion associated with finding, storing and assigning photos for individual auctions
  • Easy to use interface reduces training time
  • Service is free to registered users

Help and Support

  • DVD allows you to train at your own pace and serves as a reference guide
  • On line tutorials are added as new features become available or we become aware of difficult to understand items
  • On line learning center available for research or reference
  • Dedicated support team committed to get you up and running in as short a time as possible

Pricing (click here)

  • Auction packs let you know exactly what it costs to manage your auctions
  • Three packages allow you to match the cost and volume of listings
  • Price includes unlimited image hosting and access to historic listings for up to 2 years
  • There is no concern with increasing per auction costs due to a reduced volume of listings like with monthly fee products
  • There are no additional service fees for hidden services that you would expect to be included
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