auction management

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Modular Design

  • Separate module for each major task group in on line auction companies
  • Users can access one, several or all modules based on rules set by the Administrator
  • Track productivity of individual staff members - useful for incentive pay
  • Users can only access information specifically allowed by management enhancing security
  • Each module is password protected increasing security

Easy To Use

  • Search and re-use listings that occurred up to two years ago
  • Setup wizard for the administrator
  • Web based, internet style navigation
  • Copy similar items listed previously to quickly create new listings
  • Locate items using context sensitive search screens
  • System guides user through the entire listing process assuring no steps are missed
  • Will not allow edits that are not logical or consistent with acceptable business practices


  • Suitable for all size users
  • Permits unlimited number of SKUs of all sizes
  • Tracks item from inventory entry to profit calculation
  • Describe items using listing templates and banners, specify category, attach and upload photos, and cite outside reference links from one place in the system
  • Calculate shipping and notify buyer by email of non standard shipping charges
  • Innovative checkout that interfaces with eBay
  • Receive and post PayPal, credit card, cash or money order payments at one time
  • Creates customized shipping lists
  • Tracks RMA items
  • Complete module for consignment sellers
  • Easily supports individually customized auction templates

Complete Inventory Management

  • Constantly update quantity of individual items on hand
  • Monitors availability and profitability of SKUs
  • Tracks individual item or multiple item SKUs
  • Duplicate existing SKUs to create new items
  • Monitor unsold items and relist them using Performance Based Relisting (patent pending)
  • Calculate reorder points for individual SKUs using parameters you enter
  • View reports showing performance based on supplier, item, or date range

Individual Consignment Module

  • Manage existing consignors or easily add new ones
  • Places your logo on customer viewable screens to promote individual branding
  • Context sensitive search for consignor's items
  • Quickly add new consigned items for tracking
  • Uses same clerical and shipping functions as non consigned items
  • Prepares settlement statements and settlement checks
  • Tracks status of payable by consignor or by item
  • Consignment profitability reporting

Complete Image Management

  • Free unlimited image hosting
  • Private FTP site included at no extra charge
  • Find photos on your computer and automatically upload them for posting with the auction
  • Stores and manages your auction logo and consignment logo

Innovative Checkout System

  • Checkout interfaces directly with eBay
  • Buyer receives link to check status of purchase with original email notification
  • Automatic reminder emails sent to non responding winning bidders for 30 days
  • Tracks buyers who need custom or non standard shipping quotes
  • All emails are automatically generated
  • Track bidders that do not complete checkout
  • Complete management of UPI

Powerful Reports

  • Internal management reports to analyze performance
  • Most reports have sort feature to aid analysis
  • Reports within system have drill down capability allowing detailed study
  • Financial reports reflect accounting standards
  • General Journal report makes it easy to post auction income and expense data to any accounting package
  • Contribution report shows profitability by item or by time period
  • Report tracking multiple cash, check or money order receipts deposited at the same time, aids reconciliation
  • Commitment to provide management reports to help grow your business means additional reports will be added on an ongoing basis

Help and Support

  • On line introductory tutorials
  • Free training DVD
  • Extensive FAQ section
  • System support provided by Learning Center
  • Learning Center includes
    • Tutorials covering new or complex subjects
    • Specific FAQs for individual modules
    • Item specific help screens
  • Telephone Support


  • Low package pricing
  • Match your anticipated use with one of the three packages offered
  • Auction packs do not expire
  • No setup costs
  • No hidden or fees for additional services
  • Same low price for individual or enterprise users
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