auction management


Complete Management of Your Auction Business

EZLister.Net is an exciting new web-based system that manages your auction business not just your auctions. The designers of the product are active power sellers on eBay faced with the challenge of expanding their on line auction business while using this demanding selling channel. They responded by automating routine tasks associated with listing and managing auctions on eBay using EZLister.Net. We invite you to explore EZLister.Net and find out for yourself how easy you can become a power user as well as a power seller.

The product differentiates itself from competitors in the following categories:

Functionality – Automate routine tasks in an intuitive style separating workflow into a logical sequence of steps benefiting operations of all sizes.
Innovative – Includes a patent pending re-listing feature, complete accounts receivable processing, a minimum two year history of transactions, and integrated shipping functions.
Comprehensive – Solutions for all of the routine tasks associated with posting on line auctions available at a low, flat rate.
Appeal – Sellers liquidating products, selling their own product, selling on consignment for others, or eBay designated trading assistants, use our product to increase efficiency.
Inventory Control – Inventory tracking and profitability reports are available at all times during the sales process.
Reporting – Our product includes robust internal management reports that may be its least appreciated but most important feature.
Pricing – A flat rate pricing model resulting in the lowest price on the market addresses a constant concern to active eBay sellers.

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