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What is the Desciber?

The Describer is the area where auctions can be setup and details can be added. Here you will select the template, the options, the wording that is used in your eBay ad.


How can I set up an auction ?

You set up an item in describer by selecting "Setup an auction" This takes you to the page where you can fill out the details.


Describer Menus


You can easily set up an auction by following the steps below:

To easily setup an auction simply click on the item and fill in the fields. You can enter here the pricing, the options, the templates, banners, etc. etc.

Below is a list of Terms and their meanings. 



Settings used in the Describer "Set Up an Item"







Copy Data From Item:




Category ID: 


eBay Title: 


Weight / Length / Width / Height: 


Handling Fee: Input any handling fee that you wish to charge separate from the freight amount.


Shipping Rate: Input the cost of domestic shipping you are charging. This includes only the continental 48 states.


Location - Shelf: This is the location of your item within your warehouse(s).


Duration: Use the drop down box if you change the duration of your auction listing. The default is 10 days.


Layout Template: Choose the HTML layout of your choice. EZLister templates are clean, concise and scripted with your data and information provided during setup.


Save: This button is for convenience. The system will automatically time out your session after one hour. Please save your work periodically.


Packing Note: Any notations placed in this field are internal and will be passed on to your shipping personnel. Notes such as "glass" and "Please double box" are typical uses of this field.


Description: This is the main item description that will be published in the auction listing. You may use some basic HTML but it is not required.


Feature 1-5/10: These are bullet points that you wish to emphasize regarding the item.


Reference Title 1-5: This is the description line that introduces a upcoming hyperlink within your item description. An example would be "For more information on this printer, click here".


Reference Hyperlink Text 1-5: This is the actual hyperlink text that will launch the referenced URL. An example would be: "HP Laserjet 4000".


Reference Link 1-5: This is where you would place the full URL of the referenced web page. An example would be:


Note that No HTML knowledge is required to add hyperlinks to your auction listings. Up to 5 reference URL's can be added per listing.


Image1-5/10: Click on "image" and the default path of your EZLister image directory will be displayed. Simply add your image name to the end of the path. Images must be uploaded to the ftp site prior to starting the auction.


Preview: This will generate a preview of the listing and associated HTML prior to starting the auction. Edits and previews may be performed as often as needed.


Cancel: Cancels all changes and modifications since the last "save" function.


Complete: Sets the item to be listed on eBay. Uploads of new listings are done hourly.


Gallery picture URL (Web address): Input the full path of the image you wish to use for the eBay gallery view. Typically, this is image 1 below.


Ship to Locations: Use this drop down box if you wish to restrict an item to domestic only.


Start Date: If you wish to schedule this listing to start at a future date, select the date from this calendar provided.


Start Time: Use the drop down box to select the auction start time. Note that times listed are Pacific Standard. Items scheduled with specific times will only be re-listed during the same selected time of day when the auto re-list is enabled.


Auto Re-List: Use this drop down to enable or disable the Auto Re-List function. The default setting is "yes" meaning that additional inventory will be automatically re-listed when sold.