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This section contains information on the setup wizard and ftp image hosting.


How long will the Setup Wizard take?


The setup wizard is designed to be completed in less than one half hour assuming that a user has company policies and procedures established and readily available. In the event that company payment policies, terms and conditions, etc. must be drafted and refined, then the total procedure could take longer. We urge users to organize such information prior to beginning the process.


I don't have all of the information required to complete the Setup Wizard?


It is always possible to complete only those items in the Setup Wizard known, and to return at a later date. When returning at a later time, it is possible to go directly to the screens requiring additional information directly from the Administrator's Home page. If large amounts of information are not completed the first time you go through the wizard, then it may be advisable to periodically step through the entire wizard to assure that all necessary data is complete and up to date. 


How do I return to the Administrator's Home Page?


From the home page,, select the login option. When the login (sign-in) screen appears, enter the username and password you input originally when signing up for Your username and password appear on the important information you had the option to print after completing the setup wizard. If you forgot your password or username, you may request us to provide it to you and we will send it to you via email.


I don't know who will perform the individual functions in my organization yet? understands that there will be numerous personnel changes in any company. It is always possible to edit users directly from the Administrator's Home Page by selecting the User's Setup option from the left hand menu. We recommend that you complete as much information as possible the first time you access the wizard. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU SETUP AT LEAST ONE PERSON AS A MANAGER WHEN YOU COMPLETE THE WIZARD THE FIRST TIME. IF YOU DO NOT ESTABLISH SOMEONE AS A MANAGER YOU CAN NOT ACCESS THE REMAINDER OF THE PROGRAM, ONLY THE ADMINISTRATOR'S HOME PAGE WILL BE AVAILABLE. 


The Administrator is the only person who can grant access to the program to other staff members. Therefore, we urge you to protect your Administrator username and password. Be aware that anyone with access to an Administrator's username and password can grant themselves access to any part of the system, as well as make changes to the company policies and procedures.



I completed the Setup Wizard but I don't know how to start using the system?


From the home page,, select the login option. When the login (sign-in) screen appears enter the username and password entered by the Administrator for you. This allows access to the function that you have the right to enter. If the Administrator set you up at the Manager level, then you can access all areas of the program.


What if something changes after I complete the Setup Wizard?


Necessary changes can be made at any time by logging in as the Administrator and selecting the appropriate option from the menu on the left side of the page.


What is an FTP?


An FTP, or file transfer protocol, is basically an Internet site that stores images (photos) in a common format that the system recognizes and handles. During the Setup Wizard automatically creates a folder on an FTP site for your exclusive use, and there is no charge for its use. Accessing images on an FTP site is the most efficient method of associating photos with an auction. In order to associate photos with an auction, a user must notify of their location. Using our FTP site automates and simplifies the notification procedure. There is a tutorial explaining how to use our FTP site on the support page, and this subject is also addressed in the training DVD available upon request.


I like the way I post my photos now. Do I have to use your FTP?


No you can continue to use your existing image hosting service. If you elect to continue to use your existing image hosting service, you must obtain the path to their location and enter it into the appropriate field in the Setup Wizard.


How much do you charge for using your FTP?


There is no charge for using our FTP or for us to host your images. Furthermore, we do not limit the number of images you can host for the purpose of listing and selling on internet auction sites. does reserve the right to impose restrictions on use to individual clients in the event that we determine the level of usage is excessive for the volume of listings posted. In such a case, we may limit a user's access to the FTP. Such a determination is at our sole discretion and assumes no responsibility for damages or loss of data that may occur in such an event. To date, we have not limited anyone's access nor found it necessary to exercise this right.


What are store and auction logos? offers listing templates for use when describing a listing that will be posted to an Internet auction site. Each template includes an area of the screen reserved for the user's individual logo, and this is referred to as an auction logo. Additional FAQs regarding auction templates are found under the Describer section.


If you operate a consignment store, there are certain areas of the system that may be visible at times to individual clients. allows the user to promote their brand by replacing the logo with a logo specified as a store logo in such areas of the system. Such areas of the system that permit the replacement of the logo are confined to the consignment module. Additional FAQ regarding this area of the system are found under the Consignment section.


To use either of these logos, it is necessary to complete two steps. First, you must specify the path and name for each of the logo files used. This step is completed during the Setup Wizard. Second, you must complete the uploading of the logo files to the specified path. If the logo files are not uploaded to the specified path then will not be able to find and include them where necessary.