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EZLister.net now allows an unlimited number of custom, user defined templates.  Here are the steps to take advantage of this feature.


1. Design a custom template using any standard HTML code and save it with a .txt extension.  It is the responsibility of the user/designer to assure that the HTML functions in the intended manner and accomplishes their goals.  


2. EZLister.net only imposes one restriction on template design, and all templates must conform to this.  We use the special tags shown below, everything else is straight HTML.  The two special tags are:

- open tag "<!--" and close tag "-->"

- open tag "[" and close tag "]"

For example, <!-- Start Template 1 -->, <!-- I1 --> and <!-- F9/ -->. [ItemID], [Image_1], and [LinkTitle_1].


3. Copy the completed and tested template to the EZlister FTP Root Directory.  The path to this directory is available by selecting the “FTP Image Path” option from the menu to the left.


4. Enter a name for the template in the field “Template Name:”.  This name will appear in the Describer module, under the “Template” tab, in the “Layout Template” field.  Therefore, this name is for the use of those describing the product and the name should be meaningful to those performing that function.


5. Enter the name of the template file including the extension in the “File Name” field.  This name must match exactly the name uploaded to the EZLister.net FTP root directory in step 3 and must include the “txt” extension.


6. Click the “Add” button.  A box showing the template file name as entered, the template name as entered, and links to edit or delete it will appear.


7. The edit link allows you to change the “File” name or the “Template” name; it does not allow you to edit the HTML code that creates the template.  This must be done using HTML editing techniques external to EZLister.


8. If you edit the “File” name of a template, you must also change the name of the file it references on the EZLister.net FTP root directory.


9. If you elect to delete a template file, you must make sure that there are no listings that are scheduled, or available for re-listing using this template.  Any such listings will not post correctly since there is no template assigned, and have an unusual appearance.



EZLister allows the use of customized templates that are easily setup in the system. Here are the steps to get up and running quickly.


Create a Template File in HTML

In your design software you will set up an html page just like any other. Te following items or sections must be present: (Note you can download a sample file here to view all the tags on a sample template)

at the start of the page

<!-- Start Template 1 -->

< !-- [ItemID] -->

Image Placeholders:

<a name="ebayphotohosting">

<!-- SI --> (this tag starts the image section)

<!-- I1 --><BR><img src="[Image_1]"><!-- I1/ -->(this show image 1)

<!-- I2 --><BR><BR><img src="[Image_2]"><!-- I2/ -->(this shows image 2)

... and so on.

ending with <!-- EI --> (this tag ends the image section)

Feature Placeholders

starting with the tag:

< !-- SF -->


<!-- F1 --><LI>[Feature_1]<!-- F1/ -->

<!-- F2 --><LI>[Feature_2]<!-- F2/ -->

..... and so on

ended by < !-- EF -->

This methodology is used throughout EZLister's template system as follows:


<!-- SI --><!-- I1 --><img src="[Image_1]"><!-- I1/ --><!-- EI -->


< !-- SF --><!-- F1 --><LI>[Feature_1]<!-- F1/ -->< !-- EF -->


< !-- SL --><!-- L1 -->[LinkTitle_1]<A HREF="[Link_1]" TARGET="_new">[LinkText_1]</A><!-- L1/ -->< !-- EL -->


Default Information ie: Questions, Payment, Shipping, Etc.

The following tags will tell EZLister where to put the default items such as questions, terms, payment info, and shipping that you previously indicated in the Administrator module during setup. Here are the tags:





At the end of the template:

< !-- End Template 1 -->


Note that when you add an appropriate tag to start any of the above items or sections, information generated by the code between the beginning tag and the indicator to end that section will not show if there are no items specified for that section. For example: If you start images and end images and you do not specify images to show - all the code in that section is ignored by EZLister. Therefore if you have your image in a table with a background and there is no image, it will not show the table. It is therefore suggested that you wrap the tags closely around the specific code for an item to avoid making a desired item invisible in the template resulting in an unexpected appearance.

Upload your template to the ftp directory for your account

After you have completed the creation of your template, upload it to the ftp root directory created when you setup your account. You must name your file with a “txt” extension, for example. template.txt rather than template.html. The path to this directory is available by selecting the “FTP Image Path” option from the Administrator menu.


Add the template to your template list

You'll need to tell eZlister where to find the template. Go to the ADMIN setup area, under templates and add the template by providing the name and extension, and click on ADD. The name inserted here must be identical to the name of the file in the FTP directory.

Select the template in EZLister

In the Describer you have choices of templates to use, you can either select templates provided by EZLister, or your own. The choice is made on the “Templates” tab in the Describer menu. Preview the item before you launch it to make sure the template works.

Other Notes on Template:

Some Javascript is not supported in the EZLister system.


EZLister is a powerful program and these are only a few steps to help you get started. If you'd like to find out more about all the options of EZLister, click here to go to our help articles.


To create your own template for use in Ezlister:


1. login to your Admin account. Keep in mind that there are two types of accounts on your system : a Manager Account and and Admin Account. The manager account is where you actually set up new inventory items and the admin area is where you configure your system including your templates, ftp, eBay user account information etc.. 


2. Once logged into your Admin account, click on HTML Template on the left navigation.


3. Click the button that indicates you will use your own template, and create a name for that template.


4. Click on :"change" to activate that template.


5. Log into your ftp account and upload the template you have created using the name you selected from the previous HTML Template area.


8. Under your Describer Area, Setup Auctions, choose "MY Template" as your layout template.


Template tags:


[Feature_1] - and sequentially 


[LinkTitle_1][LinkText_1] - and sequentially






[Image_1] and sequentially














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