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Admin Tour: An overview of Administrator's function and role

The administrator role is generally consistent with the owner of an operation.  The role of the administrator in the system is depicted in the chart below. 


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The administrator decides on the basic rules that govern the operation such as: places of operation, types of payments accepted, terms and conditions of sale, what information to present on individual listing, selling strategies to use, and others.  Also, the other task groups necessary to successfully operate an online auction business are under the administrator.  Another important decision an administrator must make is the delegation of duties and responsibilities to the individual staff members that will complete the tasks in these groups.

After signing up for a free trial, a user is taken to the Administrator's Home page, shown below. includes a setup wizard to assist the administrator in providing all the information required.  Of course, any information input during setup is easily changed simply by logging on using the ID and password entered when initially signing up for  We highly recommend that you use our wizard to enter this information after you sign up.  Access to the wizard is possible by clicking either of the two setup wizard areas shown on this screen.

The menu bar on the left of the screen shows the items that must be entered in order to obtain the most power from  Now, let's look at the menu in more detail.  This appears below.

As you work through the wizard, each of the menu options will contain an explanation of the information necessary to enter.  We urge you to take the time to read these explanations as they answer many common questions while prompting you through the process.  When you are complete, a summary of the key information entered can be printed for future reference, and we highly recommend that you do this. has found that by spending a little extra time and thoroughly completing the setup wizard your company will be ready to prepare and post listings to eBay by providing only item specific information.  A little time invested initially will save you large amounts of time and money on every listing entered, resulting in a large payback in a short time..

The brief tour of the Administrator module is now complete.  You may continue to tour the system by clicking your heels and saying there's no place like home, or obtain more detailed information by following the links listed below.

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