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Administrator Tour: The administrator decides on the basic rules that govern the operation such as: places of operation, types of payments accepted, terms and conditions of sale, what information to present on individual listing, selling strategies to use, in the adminiistration of a successful operation of an online auction business. This tour will show how the administrator can effortlessly accomplish these goals to manager the duties and responsibilities to the individual staff members that will complete the tasks in these groups. Take the tour now

Manager Tour: This tour will provide an in-depth understanding of how the Manager Role simplifies the process of entering items into inventory, assigning unit costs, creating selling strategies, releasing products to the Describer so they can be prepared for auction, and coordinating the successful sale of individual items.  Take the tour now

Other Tours and tutorials:

  1. Power Users, configuring your Admin for users and default settings
  2. Manager Area, Add an Item, Consignment Rates, and Inventory Management
  3. Clerk and Shipper Duties, Process Payments, Make shipments, Handle Returns
  4. Setup a template in

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