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eBay awards Certified Solutions Provider designation

April 19, 2006
eBay announced today that was awarded the Certified Solutions Provider designation.  Companies can earn this certification by meeting criteria at both the company level and the individual staff level, in the areas of expertise and experience.

According to eBay's web site:  "The eBay Certified Provider Program was established to recognize the best-of-breed eBay Platform innovators who are helping eBay users grow their businesses through services, including technology or data licensing services.  The Certified Provider designation helps members of the eBay community feel more comfortable with hiring providers to grow their eBay businesses. Certified Providers are carefully screened to ensure that they can provide eBay members with services and solutions to grow their eBay businesses. Among other criteria, participants must have extensive experience with eBay, pass a strict certification exam and provide a number of proven customer references that are checked by eBay.  A Certified Solutions Provider provides technology or eBay data-related solutions, or performs tasks based on the technology they create or data they license."

Shipping date set for Training DVD

March 22, 2006 will be able to begin shipping the production copy of its training DVD on May 22, 2006.  The training DVD has been in production since February 2006.  When the final copies become available, anyone requesting a DVD since that period will receive another copy.  The Training DVD covers all aspects of the system and can be used to introduce new hires to the system, or as a reference source for experienced users.  To obtain a copy of the training DVD, please click here.

New accounting reports released by, more to follow

March 15, 2006 unveiled two new accounting reports today, the General Journal Report, and the Contribution Report.  The General Journal Report uses generic accounts that allow EZLister users to export auction related revenue and expense data in a universal format.  This means that there is an easy to use interface between and any accounting package used.  This simple but effective procedure allows our users complete access to their financial information without any additional training, and without having to purchase any additional software or third party services.

The contribution report takes the information compiled for the General Journal report and presents it in a profit and loss format.  It is called a contribution report because only eBay auction related revenue and expenses are included.  It does not include other expense items since there is no practical method of tracking and including these items in auction management software packages.  However, information presented in this report is appropriate for gaining insight into the gross margins achieved from eBay related transactions.

Both reports released will work for those who sell from their own inventory, for those operating a consignment operation, or for those who operate a combination of the two.  For a complete description of the meaning and use of these reports refer to the Training DVD or to the support area available from within the program.

Additional reports are planned and should be released within the next six month period.  The first planned report is a Deposit Tracker that groups cash, checks and money orders the same way as bank deposits that were actually made.  This report requires minimal interaction with your staff, greatly simplifies monthly reconciliation of a checking account, and helps managers gain control over their eBay transactions.

The other report that is in progress is an RMA report, or a report that tracks the affect that returned merchandise has on inventory, sales, and the bottom line.  It is our experience that RMAs are often addressed, but not properly accounted for due to their complexity.  Bill Mason, CFO said "Once we began to compile all the information necessary to complete this report we quickly became aware of how many different issues are affected.  Instead of rushing a report that accomplishes a part of what we really want, we decided to take our time and make sure that the final product is correct and thorough." decided to delay including a report that is not complete and accurate as opposed to offering a substandard product.

EZLister enhances image handling ability for its program

March 3, 2006 offers virtually unlimited image hosting for its clients.  Each client receives their own FTP directory upon completing the setup wizard for their exclusive use.  Use of an FTP directory for uploading images to the web is quick, but can be daunting to the uninitiated.  EZLister reports that questions relating to use of the FTP directory is one of the most common and difficult to easily answer, questions they receive.  To address this they dedicated an entire chapter on their upcoming Training DVD to proper use of the FTP.  In their program, it is easy to post pictures to a listing by clicking an icon that inserts the FTP path followed by typing the image name.  However, in order to make image handling even easier for our clients, we recently introduced a method of inserting photos directly from a computer's local drive, or even directly from the memory stick of a camera. 

The Describer module of the EZLister program is where the photos associated with a listing are entered into the program.  Now there are two options available, the original section where images uploaded to the FTP site can be associated, and the new section that allows a user to browse the local drives or components attached, to their computer.  The introduction of this new feature increases the power of our program while shortening the learning curve associated with image handling.  You can become familiar with using the FTP site by watching the free Training DVD, available by clicking here.


aGenius marketing to redesign and enhance website

February 1, 2006 has entered into a contract with aGenius Marketing to redesign the graphics and content of their web site.  aGenius Marketing is an experienced graphics design and eBay consulting company that has worked with numerous companies setting up and maintaining web sites since 1996.  In 2004 aGenius Marketing took over web design responsibility for one of the fastest growing companies on eBay.  Suzanne Hallam, CEO of aGenius Marketing said "Designing a web site for a product that is as varied as is a challenge that we look forward to.  This will be a multiple phased operation. We are planning continuing changes over the next three to four months before we finally reach the look and feel we are looking for."  For more information on aGenius Marketing visit

New Templates and Banners

December 1, 2005
EZLister.Net provides a superior service to eBay Power Sellers. We've recently updated the program to include over 200 choices in colors and template styles, along with 20 unique banners to make any auction shine.




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