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Product Overview

Overview of Program recognizes that internet based auction sellers are independent entrepreneurs. Therefore, the way every individual person or company organizes and operates will generally differ from others. is organized to accommodate a wide variety of companies each differing in terms of size, organizational style, number of employees, and products sold. We identified the common tasks that are necessary to successfully sell on Internet auction sites. The EZlister program addresses each identified user task under a separate menu option, resulting in a highly organized work flow. A summary of some of the many benefits we offer follows:

  • User Defined Roles and Tasks
  • Powerful Consignment Module for Trading Assistants & Drop-Off Stores
  • A Complete Inventory Management and Tracking System
  • Dynamic Scheduling and Re-Listing
  • Free Virtually Unlimited Image Hosting
  • Fully Automated Customer Checkout System
  • Integration with PayPal with Simplified Payment Processing
  • Professional and Customizable Templates & Banners
  • Automated Feedback and UPI Processing
  • Powerful Financial and Internal Management Reporting Tools
  • Simple Low Cost Usage Plans
  • Many More Features…..

EZLister.Net was designed in conjunction with eBay platinum and titanium power sellers. EZLister.Net is an eBay Certified Solutions Provider and the EZLister program has been field tested and proven with hundreds of thousands of auctions over a three year period.

The founders of EZLister.Net experienced the basic dilemma that all power sellers eventually face, that is the constant pressure on profit margins. There are two solutions to this problem:

1. increase efficiency: find solutions that allow you to keep more money from the proceeds of each sale, or;
2. Increase volume: Increase the number of products sold in an attempt to attain a desired level of profit.

We recognize that implementing both solutions yields the best results, but attempting this strategy introduces additional problems. It is not always possible to Increase sales volume due to the market forces outside your control, and the simple attempt to increase sales volume may aggravate existing inefficiencies in your organization. EZLister.Net is the product created to assist you in addressing this predicament. It succeeds by allowing existing operations to expand sales volume with existing assets thereby increasing the level of efficiency. This is what we mean when we say “Manage your auction business as well as your auctions”.

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