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The Shipper's duties are assigned to one or more individuals by the administrator.  The shipper is responsible for shipping items released by the clerk, to the purchaser in a timely manner, and for handling the receipt and disposition of RMA items. The describer fulfills these duties by logging in using the assigned password and ID, and then accessing the describer menu option. Upon accessing the Shipper's menu, the Shipper home page is presented.

This page will prompt you for the warehouse that you are shipping this group of orders from, if you have multiple warehouses.  If you only have one warehouse, then this page is skipped and the shipping list page is presented.  Select a warehouse from the drop down list to proceed to the shipping list. 

This shows a list of items in this warehouse that the Clerk has processed the payments for, and therefore, has authorized to ship.  As in all reports, you can sort the bolded column headings.  This is especially useful here as you have the flexibility to create custom picking lists.  For instance, you can multiple bidders by sorting the "Bidder ID" column; sort by location within the warehouse by sorting the "Shelf" column; sort by ship to country by sorting the "Country" column, or use the other sort-able columns however you choose.  To ship a product, click the number in the "Item Id" column.  Here we show the "Shipment Detail" screen for a customer that purchased two items (some information blanked out to maintain privacy). supports the major shippers and if you are a volume user of either FedEx or UPS, call us to discuss how we can integrate directly with their programs.  If you use Endicia, this program will recognize the format and text appearing in the blue shaded area, and import it upon implementing the proper hotkey combination.  Once you supply your shipper's program with the required information, simply enter the resulting shipping cost in the white box at the right of the screen.  Complete the remaining information that is necessary - here, you could elect to prorate the combined shipping cost over the two parcels shipped to the same buyer - and press update.  This package is ready for shipment with all accounting and tracking information already entered in the system and posted to the proper accounts.  From the above screen it is also possible for a shipper to print an invoice, or a packing slip.  In those cases where shipping problems arise, the shipper can email the bidder directly from this screen while all pertinent information is available for review. 

It is often necessary to modify or review packages already shipped from your facility. makes this easy by providing a screen that lists the last 100 items shipped from your location.  Selecting the "Last 100 Items" presents this list.

This screen presents all information relating to the shipping of a specific item.  It is possible to locate an item either by scanning the information visually since the items are the most recent ones shipped, or using your browsers find function.  Once the item is located, selecting the "Edit" link takes you to the "Edit Shipping Information" screen shown below.

From here, it is possible to review and make changes necessary to a shipment after it has left your facility.  Often times a shipping rate will be re-calculated by the shipper after they have scanned and weighed it at their sorting facility.  When they notify you of such an occurrence, it is possible to make those changes necessary.

Sometimes you may not recall an item, or know a descriptive word in the title.  In that case, it is not possible for you to use your browsers find function.  In this case, the "Search" menu option from the Shipper's home page provides a solution.  Selecting this option brings up the following screen.

From this screen entering any of the search fields specified will produce a report that brings up the item or items that match.  From that report, identify the item using any of the techniques discussed and explained, and click the edit button.  This takes you to the "Edit Shipping Information" screen explained above where it is possible to make the necessary changes.

The Shipper also assists the Clerk in the receipt and final disposition of RMA items, or items authorized for return.  Selecting the "Returns (RMA)" menu option from the Shipper's home page brings up this screen.

Here the Shipper can find the item by searching using the choices in the drop down box as shown.  Once the item is identified, clicking the appropriate "RMA Number" takes you to an RMA screen containing information citing the reasons why the Clerk authorized the return and directions regarding what to do with the product when it arrives.

The final menu option available from the Shipper's home page is the support option.  This takes us to the learning center on our web site where there are additional resources to help you use the system.

This concludes our brief overview of the Shipper's function.  You may continue to tour the system or obtain more detailed information on how to use the program by following the links listed below.


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