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Our templates are developed by the same designer that created some of the most successful auction templates on the eBay marketplace. The layouts represent some of the most popular and results-driven auction layouts available. To see the templates grouped by styles, click here. Banners are located here. Each of the following templates has an alternate template for those sellers who have stores and about me pages.Please note: without banners some designs may appear differently. We recommend using the auction preview button prior to listing your auctions. Click on any image to see a larger view.

In addition to the templates there are colors that can be selected by your auction describer. When no color is selected these templates appear quite differently. Colors available include, silver, blue, orange, green, brown and wheat.

Design Sample
Main Image Pixel Width
Other Images Pixel Width

100% banner top area. Thin Rounded lines with folder tabs for navigation.

200 150

Round Top Banner bordered with Dotted lines, small dot navigation inside.

350 100

Simple Banner with thin rounded lines with simple text navigation on top. Inside navigation is small dot. Images fall along the left side.

200 250

Simple Banner with thin rounded lines with simple text navigation on top.Details are boxed in light colored grey rounded boxes.

200 200

No Banner, Rounded Bold Boxes with folder tap top navigation.

200 100

Round Top Banner with folder tab top navigation, Thin rounded lines border text and small dot inside navigation.

350 150

100% banner top with grid patterned background. Small dot navigation inside. Simple text top navigation.

250 250

Simple Ad -Grey Boxes with folder tabs navigation.

200 100

Curved top with banner insert/bold left navigation with small dot navigation inside. Rounded boxes and thin line with icons. This has a limit of 3 images.

250 100

Round Top Banner with sub rounded top navigation. Thin Line Rounded with large dot lettering inside.




Square Blocks/Banner/ with Silver Store Navigation/grid background on left nav. with rounded boxes with icons on them.This has a limit of 3 images.

200 200

Simple Banner with silver navigation. Thin Grey Squared Boxes

350 100

Left Curved Nav/ Square Blocks/Banner. Thin Line Rounded borders. This has a limit of 3 images.

250 200

Round Top Banner Bold Box no Banner -Rounded Bold Boxes with lettering

200 100

Simple text navigation top with icon boardered rounded boxes and small dot navigation inside.

225 100

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